"Athleticism = meeting the unique motor skills with the psychological resolve + physiological awareness to excel. "

What have respectfully been coined “Ken-isms” by his collegiate and professional champion athletes, to his 20-year strong committed fitness clients, speak volumes. They embody Ken Taylor's passionate conviction that with the correct stabilization, mobilization, body balance, power, strength and speed, ANY BODY can achieve elite sport specific performance, whether conditioning for competition or personal bests in golf, tennis, swimming, track and field, football, body building, or overall health conditioning,

Ken’s coaching

IS full of terms likE:

Kenisthetic Sense

Vestibular Learning

Exercise Prescription

Hypertrophy Muscle Isolation

Biomechanically Right Movement

Growth Platelets + Genetic Design

Matrix Progression - Gradual, Sequential Progression

Physiological, Psychological, Sociological + Nutritional Conditioning

When was the last time you needed Gray’s Anatomy to understand your trainer’s vocabulary? Welcome to the elite training, knowledge and method of Ken Taylor Fitness, Sport Specific Exercise Science + Training.  

"We all have a competitor within us - that’s why we are called the human race."

From USC Sport Specific Strength + Conditioning Director across all sports - volleyball, track & field, golf, tennis, football, swimming and beyond, to Titlest Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Trainer, Ken’s professional trajectory is as broad and powerful as his personal conditioning spectrum. Ken achieved 15 1st place bodybuilding titles before becoming a scratch golfer which has earned him now 12 South Carolina Golf Association wins. He does not just talk the talk, he walks and burns and pumps and spins and stretches it every day.  

Credentials + Titles

Tsunami Bar Sports Fitness, Chief Biomechanist

Founder, Power Golf Sport Specific Elite Conditioning

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer

Bodybuilding Champion, Top 5 Mr. USA, Mr. South Carolina 1984, Mr. Collegiate USA + 13 additional titles

Power Lifting + Olympic-style training for 9 years

University of South Carolina (USC) Sport Specific Strength + Conditioning Director

Exercise Science, USC (1990)

Physical Education Certification for Adaptive Children, Special Needs, USC (1990)

"With right Mobilization + Stabilization coordinated effectively, the body is capable of withstanding and achieving any movement. "


Only 9 years old, Ken Taylor had to make a decision for his future.  After responding destructively to distress in his home life, Ken’s eyes were opened to the fate he was entertaining. It was through the encouraging words of his first mentor, Sensei Mike Genova, black belt Olympic martial arts champion, he chose to pivot toward positive self development in place of destruction. Discipline. Structure. Obedience. His personal and professional journey is a living testament to the power of effective and caring personal investment by a trainer or coach, a legacy he now lives every day alongside 15 and 20-year committed clients.

Ken Taylor in champion bodybuilding form.

Ken Taylor in champion bodybuilding form.

After achieving personal and competitive bests in American Karate and then national bodybuilding competition, Ken’s path was impacted again by an athletic and training icon, Keith Kephart, Head Strength Coach at USC.  Keith enlisted Ken in the USC conditioning team while Ken hit the classroom earning degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Education Certification for Adaptive Children. In this time Ken escalated the ranks from Volunteer Assistant to Assistant Director of Strength + Conditioning for Olympic Sport Specificity across all USC competitive teams.

Ken with Titleist Performance Institute Founders Dave Phillipsand Dr. Greg Rose

Ken with Titleist Performance Institute Founders Dave Phillipsand Dr. Greg Rose

What has followed has been a glorious series of achievements earned through proper training, education, nutrition, effort and commitment above all. There is nothing Ken asks of his clients that he has not done himself. His passion for fitness and training has taken him around the world and placed him on the champion’s podium in American Karate, Body Building, Weight Lifting, and most recently Golf as a TPI Certified Instructor and 12-time SCGA champion. His expertise, matched by his clients’ commitment, have placed them in the winner’s circles across the NFL, NBA, SEC, MLB, PGA, LPGA all the way up to the Olympic level.  

Athletes, Sports Legends and Strength + Conditioning Trailblazers with whom Ken has worked... the list is long and distinguished.

Sterling Sharpe, Green Bay Packers
George Rogers, Heisman Trophy Winner
Brad Edwards, Redskins + Vikings
Richard Seymour, 3 Superbowls, 9 Probowls
Ryan Succopp, Tennessee Titans
Patrick Dimarco, Atlanta Falcons

Mi Huang Lee, LPGA, Ranked 32 in the world
Katie Burnett
Kyle Thompson
Charles Warren
Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey
Mark Anderson
Mark Silvers
Wesley Bryan
USC Golf Teams, 8 seasons

Bill Pearl, Mr. Universe
Porter Cottrell, Mr. Universe
Tony Pearson, Mr. America
Troy Zuccolotto, Mr. USA

Bill Dunn, UVA, World Powerlifting Champion
John Gamble, UVA, World Powerlifting Champion
Dave Pasenella, Georgia Tech, First to squat over 1,000 lbs.
Dan Austin, USC, 9-time Powerlifting Champion

Mike Genova, Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee
Keith Kephart, President, National Strength + Conditioning Association
Dr Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Certification Program
Al Vermil, Founding Father of Strength Training
Jason Glass, Canadian National Team

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